Todd Luber Has Let His Passions Guide Him To Big Success In The Real Estate Business:

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur that has had great success in several areas. He has worked in the mortgage industry, invested in scrap metal and is well known for his work as a real estate investor. Todd Lubar is the President of real estate enterprise TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior VP of Legendary Investments. He has passionately pursued success in the mortgage industry and the real estate industry since graduating from Syracuse University in 1995. Todd’s career was the topic of a recent interview with Ideasmench.

The Yelp interview covers topics ranging from Todd’s background to his strengths as a businessman and what his future goals include. Todd talks about how his history with the mortgage industry is what first stimulated his interest in real estate. His work providing loans to potential home buyers led him to learn the real estate business quite in-depth. Todd’s success in his business ventures is due to the fact that has always realized that achieving a goal was directly related to the effort put into achieving it. Todd enjoys working in a team setting and has a continuing goal of developing his businesses to a level of efficiency that allows them to run without him constantly being involved in every aspect. For this reason, Todd Lubar makes team development his top daily priority.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd started the firm as a vehicle to help him fulfil his lifelong passion of helping others to become homeowners. TDL Global Ventures specializes in eliminating barriers that often stop people from being able to get home loans. Todd wanted to come up with a business model that gives the consumer relief from common roadblocks.

Todd is also Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. Legendary is a highly regarded lending institution serving both individuals and businesses. Todd Lubar gets great enjoyment out of endeavouring to fill unexplored niches.

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