Educational Assessment Tests Show how Effective the Rocketship Education Program Really Is

An article published online highlighted some interesting points about the educational progress of students in Tennessee. Many parents in this area are still awaiting the results obtained from student tests taken to calculate how well they are doing. Some schools in Davidson county will not receive their results from the TNReady tests until later next year. Fortunately, not all schools in Tennessee use the same process of assessment to obtain the results on how well their students are progressing.

Along with many public schools in Nashville, the Rocketship Education network of charter schools use the NWEA MAP or Measures of Academic Progress assessment. Rocketship has been using this method since the launch of their first school. This assessment process provides educators and parents with what are termed as growth scores. These scores actually indicate how much each individual student is learning during the course of a school year. This data is especially important for recording the progress of students coming from low-income families, who generally have a disadvantage when it comes to achieving goals in learning.

Bridging the gap of learning for students from low-income households was why Rocketship Education was founded in the first place. This non-profit organization opened its first school in a poverty stricken community in San Jose. They believed they could implement a program that would help unleash every student’s potential for leaning. They aimed to create a sustainable model for education that would create a positive change in communities where students from low-income families attended school.

Since its inception in 2006, Rocketship charter schools have grown to where they now help students in more than 20 schools located across four states. Based on the data obtained through their MAP assessments, the progress of the students in these schools increased in both math and reading. The more than 140 students who entered the Rocketship program at the start of the school year behind students in public schools, were able to finish the year at or above their current grade level. This data clearly shows the effectiveness the unique four-block program from Rocketship has on its students.

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