Drew Madden: Adopting Advanced Technology will be Useful in Predicting Epidemics

Healthcare industry is an industry that requires critical skills and knowledge to help it work to the expected levels. It is an industry that handles vital issues involving the health of the people and enhancing the lives of individuals in the country. However, the healthcare sector has not been able to do that and is looking to be one of the most poorly managed areas in the United States. Research has shown that the poor state of the healthcare industry can be attributed to one thing: Poor technology adoption and implementation.

Drew Madden, the managing director at Evergreen Healthcare Partner, has done wonders in ensuring that the facility offers excellent and quality healthcare services in the industry, which is difficult to get from a facility that is owned and controlled by the government. One thing that Evergreen Healthcare Partners has been able to do is to predict epidemics that individuals are likely to be facing. This strategy ensures that the facility can anticipate and prepare in advance. This is precisely what other facilities have been missing.

Drew Madden will help organize and help the medical facilities owned by the government to be able to predict the epidemics that are likely to be facing individuals and preparing for the best method to address the emerging outbreaks. However, that will depend on whether the health care industry will adopt new ways of performing medical activities. That will be done by ensuring that there are new infrastructure and technology that is good enough to forecast what is likely to happen in the industry and provide the best solutions.

Despite helping the healthcare industry to predict epidemics and offer the best solutions, Drew Madden will assist in ensuring that healthcare wastage is reduced. It has been reported for a more extended period that public healthcare facility has been suffering from wastage, which is brought about by the use of paperwork and lack of a better system. Using new methods will be useful in ensuring that wastage is reduced hence helping the industry to offer quality services. Other benefits that will be achieved by adopting technology will include developing new drugs and treatment methods and improving the quality of life.

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