Why Everyone in Wall Street Admires Peter Briger—The Fortress Investment Group’s CEO

Peter Briger remains one of the most admired and well-reputed figures in the US financial sector. He has stayed active and supportive as an economic and investment advisor for over a decade and has earned several awards for being a competent leader and a professional achiever. Before joining Fortress Investment, he parented with Goldman Sachs where he became a member of different committees including the Global Control & Compliance, Japan Executive, and the Asian Management Committees. By being the current Principal and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group, the exemplary leader has managed to influence the company towards excellent performance.

Establishing His Name While Working With Goldman Sachs

Peter Briger had worked with Goldman Sachs for 15 years before joining Fortress. In 1997, he co-founded the Special Situation Group in 1997 to aid in the financial advisory services at Goldman. The group is mostly associated with the rising revenue collected at Goldman over the past two decades. To elaborate of the success of the group, Briger’s partner, Mark McGoldrick had left the company after he cited that the $70 million he received as paycheck was very little compared to the returns of the Group.

While working at the company, Peter together with his colleagues sold and bought car loans to different countries including Japan and Thailand. They also engaged in the purchase of mortgages, South Korean companies dealing with alcoholic beverages, and power plants in Britain which had financial pressures. Peter Briger would later hold these assets and his team then sold at a huge profit once the market stabilized. Over and again, they delivered and improved the company’s success.

His Success at Fortress Investment

Even after leaving Goldman, Peter Briger’s success did not drop an inch. During his first year tenure at Fortress, he managed to establish the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund from which the company generated up to $4.7 billion. The competent investor and leader also made wise business decisions during the financial crisis. In an interview, he revealed that Fortress bought all the risk assets that banks and governments held during the depression and could later sell them at higher prices. This venture, which he referred to as ‘a garbage collection in the financial service,’ yielded the company more than 25.2% profits. Many investors are continuing to invest in the company basing their hope on Peter Briger’s competence. The competent figure remains to be admired by a majority in Wall Street.


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