Fortune Indeed Favors the Bold-Richard Liu Qiangdong

After the fatal failure in the restaurant and healthcare products business, Richard Liu did not stop trying. He knew there was worth in trying hence kept the spirit. He, therefore, decided to venture in computer spare parts in 1998 in Beijing, China. But after several years of business, the unfortunate occurred in the year 20004. There was an outbreak of a respiratory disorder in China. The situation was a blow to his business since very few people could visit the marketplaces due to the fear of being infected.

Richard Liu Qiangdong main objective to start the computer spares business was to cater to his sick mother. Also, he never wished to be employed in the civil service. Whatever he was doing was all about his passion for entrepreneurship. Richard Liu Qiangdong was at a crossroad because the business has startled! Did he need to do something? He had to think outside the box. After some time of examination, Richard Liu together with other business managers discovered that they could do it all online! They decided to combine efforts and undoubtedly the biggest e-commerce business in entire China was born.

All their physical stores were converted to online stores where people could order products online as they do home deliveries. As it is always said that fortune favors the bold, it is indeed true Richard Liu is one of them. Richard Liu became the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer of the newly founded global.

Richard Liu had mastered extensive entrepreneurial skills from both the university and his father’s transportation business. Richard Liu Qiangdong knew the strategies he was going to apply to make global relevant and sustainable. His strategy was, to be honest with his clients. No overriding and quality. According to him quality and quantity were at the equal measure in his heart. The commitment to quality and dedication saw garner millions and millions of clients globally all providing positive reviews.

Richard Liu Qiangdong agrees that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. What an individual need is a passion, dedication and focus put the ideas into work.

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Michael Phelps Is Now On Talkspace

The world’s champion in swimming, Michael Phelps won many trophies in the field of athletics. But when the disease set in, all his success was a waste. So it is very vivid that many American adults, about 50% do not receive medication and struggle even if they don’t show it. Thanks to Talkspace Reviews an online app that helps people to find therapeutical advice and prescription through video clips.

Michael struggles with anxiety for five days until when he realized that he could not manage stress on his own. So he sorts a therapist help. The decision he acknowledges that help him save his dear life. The story is proof that seeking help from the therapists is not wicked. He has therefore partnered with Talkspace to share widely how the therapy salvaged his life. He has helped and still focuses on helping people to seek medical advice from the therapists.

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What is Talkspace?

It is an online mobile application where patients can seek therapeutical help or advice from professional therapists. There is no appointment required in this form of treatment. They send you prescriptions and information via the same platform. It has payment slots where you can pay for any services you need. It has proved useful owing to the many testimonials from the former patients.

Many people have opted for Talkspace therapy because of many factors. First, the platform is cost-effective regarding transport. You don’t need to travel to the therapists but message them via the Talkspace app.

It is cheap compared to the physical hospital treatment. The amount paid for the services is low. Many people prefer to talk to the online therapist other than the physical one due to confidential issues. Many people love the online platform because many things have shifted to online.



Lacey and Larkin Fight for Hispanic Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two heroes that I wish had more time in the spotlight. These two brave men stood up against the tyrant of Maricopa County, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

They saw that he was guilty of crimes against humanity and they vowed that they would do everything they could to put him behind bars. The evils that these two brave and uncovered would make the hardest heart begin to weep.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found that in order to continue to suppress the Hispanic community Sheriff Joe Arpaio fired any police officer who refused to racially profile and then hired officers who were known racist against the Hispanic community.

They then discovered a Sheriff Arpaio took fecal matter and spread it through certain jail cells and then quarantined Hispanics in those jail cells that they would get sick.

Sheriff Arpaio would then deny them medical care so that their condition would get worse and some of them even died. While it is yet to be proven, we have reason to believe that several Hispanic suicides were assisted by the guards in the jail cells.

One disgusting story entails an eight-month pregnant woman who was complaining of abdominal pain and needed to see a doctor. Sheriff Joe Arpaio refused that right to her and, as a result, she lost the baby. To make matters worse, Sheriff Joe Arpaio then refused to allow her to see the baby before the funeral. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported stories such as these to the news channels, Sheriff Joe Arpaio became furious. He obtained an illegal warrant so that he could break into the homes of these men in the cover of darkness.

He threatened that if they did not hand over all evidence that he would take her to the jail cells and they would never see their families again. These brave men were not intimidated.

After being released, their story went viral throughout America. They ended up suing the Maricopa County for $3.75 million and using that money to start their nonprofit the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund stands to support any and all organizations and nonprofits who desire to fight for civil rights here in America.

They especially promote those who fight for the freedom of speech and guard Hispanics from the cruelty and vast evils of a tyrannical government.

Ambassador Daniel Taub Sets Record in Accomplishing His Diplomatic Duties

Up to June 2015, Daniel Taub was the Israel Ambassador in the UK. This is a position that he served for four years. During that period, the Israel-UK trade doubled, and the links in academics, culture, and business between the two nations deepened. During his tenure, over 300 Israeli businesses were set up in the UK.

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain in 1962. He became Israel’s UK ambassador in 2011. It was a great privilege for him to raise his children in the UK where he traces his roots. Bringing up his children in the United Kingdom was also an act of appreciation and an opportunity to bring Israeli and UK together.

Daniel Taub affirmed that after his four-year tenure, he felt that he had achieved his goals and that the Jewish community in the UK felt the same. He set a record of being the most successful and popular Israel envoy to the UK.

The former ambassador was congratulated for representing the Israelites well in the UK government and communicating to the media about the programmes they had. He promoted healthy and strong relationships between UK and Israel.

When asked how he managed to represent his government and putting his personal views aside, Taub replied that to him that was not a problem. He considered his job in the UK as that of making people understand about Israeli people and the Israeli leadership. He accomplished this by holding thoughtful discussions with his counterparts. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Taub managed to maintain the good relationship even when the Middle East was going through lots of crises. He encouraged his counterparts to think long and hard about how to take advantage the good things in the Middle East. He encouraged them to treat the country with humility and not dictate their situation. Israel focused on what was important to them.

During his term as an ambassador, the labor party in Israel and the labor party in the UK worked on establishing good relations. The two parties were praised for their freedom of speech and for having a good representation of women and the minorities. Both parties had similar progressive values.

As an Israel ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub said that he was serving St. James’s court and not his Jewish community. He, however, acknowledged his Jewish community for their passion and involvement in supporting him. They acted as an important bridge-building tool towards his accomplishments.