Guilherme Paulus: Growing The Brazilian Tourist Industry

The touring industry isn’t something people think about a lot these days, mostly due to the ease of merely looking up potential local attractions on their phones. In reality, the companies represented on those sites are referred and suggested by touring companies like GJP Hotels and Resorts or CVC Brasil Operadora.

While Americans might not know those two companies, residents in Brazil know them well. GJP Hotels and Resorts employs more than 5,000 residents in the cities of Maceio, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janerio. They also know CVC Brasil as the first touring company Guilherme Paulus ever owned.

The entrepreneur owns both companies mentioned above, but CVC was the company that lured Paulus to the touring industry. Paulus started as an intern at IBM and moved on to Casa Faro. While on a cruise he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, and they talked about Carlos’s idea of opening a touring agency in his hometown.

Though Guilherme Paulus had no experience, he had a knack for entrepreneurship and Cerchiari believed he could go far in the business. With Cerchiari backing his move, Paulus opened the first store on a little street near a local cinema.

All these years later, Guilherme Paulus is one of the wealthiest people in Brazil and renowned for his touring expertise. His primary company, GJP, operates over 20 hotels and resorts across Brazil. Though his success with GJP is more well-known, he still owns and operates CVC.

Both companies have his full attention due to his particular style of operating. Paulus believes in maintaining a professional and personal closeness to his companies. Rather than delegate all of his responsibilities, he enjoys meeting with employees and hearing new and innovative ideas. It’s also his way of staying close to customers, seeing new market trends rising before anyone else.

Much of what he does wouldn’t be possible without today’s technology. Since he’s always traveling, he’s taken advantage of technology’s speed and uses it to keep his company agile and flexible.

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