Dr. Scott M Rocklage Helping to Cure Muscular Dystrophy

Scott M Rocklage is a PhD who joined a company called 5AM Ventures in 2003. He began as a venture partner and eventually became a managing partner in 2004. For over three decades Dr. Rocklage has been in the field of healthcare management. He helped to gain FDA approval for new drugs including Omniscan, Teslascan and Cupicin. He is an inventor or he helped in inventing up over 30 United States patents. He currently has an office in Boston Massachusetts.

Dr. Scott M Rocklage has been interested in the life sciences. He is also a venture capitalist. He has combined these two interests to form his company called 5AM Ventures. He choose this name because the company is in it’s early stages of development. Sometimes he finds himself studying life science based material. Other times he meets with management teams from portfolio companies and sometimes he attends Board meetings. He likes to work with people to turn ideas into medicines to help unmet medical problems people are experiencing.

Dr. Scott M Rocklage is interested with helping people who suffer from muscular dystrophy. His company 5AM Ventures and other investors are leading the way in this field of medicine. Over production of molecules known as RNA can lead to a condition know as DM1. This begins to effect many areas of the body including the muscles, heart, hormones, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system and the respiratory system. Currently there is no effective treatment for this disorder.

DM1 is an expansion repeat disorder. They are inherited in a persons genes and do not respond well when treated with today’s therapies. Dr.Scott M Rocklage has been working with a company named Expansion Therapeutics to change all of this. They are working on inventing small molecule medications that target RNA. People with DM1 disorder eventually get toxic levels of RNA in their bodies and this is what causes muscular dystrophy disorder. Currently the people involved in this project say that they are getting closer to developing small molecule medications to help to relieve the suffering that people with muscular dystrophy are going through.


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Todd Luber Has Let His Passions Guide Him To Big Success In The Real Estate Business:

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur that has had great success in several areas. He has worked in the mortgage industry, invested in scrap metal and is well known for his work as a real estate investor. Todd Lubar is the President of real estate enterprise TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior VP of Legendary Investments. He has passionately pursued success in the mortgage industry and the real estate industry since graduating from Syracuse University in 1995. Todd’s career was the topic of a recent interview with Ideasmench.

The Yelp interview covers topics ranging from Todd’s background to his strengths as a businessman and what his future goals include. Todd talks about how his history with the mortgage industry is what first stimulated his interest in real estate. His work providing loans to potential home buyers led him to learn the real estate business quite in-depth. Todd’s success in his business ventures is due to the fact that has always realized that achieving a goal was directly related to the effort put into achieving it. Todd enjoys working in a team setting and has a continuing goal of developing his businesses to a level of efficiency that allows them to run without him constantly being involved in every aspect. For this reason, Todd Lubar makes team development his top daily priority.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd started the firm as a vehicle to help him fulfil his lifelong passion of helping others to become homeowners. TDL Global Ventures specializes in eliminating barriers that often stop people from being able to get home loans. Todd wanted to come up with a business model that gives the consumer relief from common roadblocks.

Todd is also Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. Legendary is a highly regarded lending institution serving both individuals and businesses. Todd Lubar gets great enjoyment out of endeavouring to fill unexplored niches.

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Securus Technologies adapts battlefield technology to combat illegal phones

Securus Technologies is one of the largest prison communications and security companies in the United States. Over the last few years, the company has been working feverishly to perfect and bring to prisons across the country its Wireless Containment System, which is a high-tech solution to the scourge of illegal cell phones currently plaguing the U.S. carceral system.


The Wireless Containment System, like so many other high-tech civilian products, has its origin in war. When the United States deployed troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, they quickly discovered that they were ill-prepared for the realities of urban warfare. The insurgent forces fighting the United States and its allies were able to quickly adapt modern amenities to their cause, weaponizing things like the internet and cellular communications.


In response, the United States developed a system that was able to spoof cell towers. They called this device Stingray. The Stingray system was able to trick all cellular devices within its operational range into connecting to the device as if it were a cell tower. Once the caller connected to the Stingray system, the operator could either block the call or put in through to the network normally, allowing the operator to listen in on the conversation.


Securus Technologies has been able to adapt this technology to the battlefield of U.S. prisons. When dangerous criminal gangs get ahold of contraband cellular phones, they put the safety of entire institutions and the public in jeopardy. With Securus’ Stingray-based Wireless Containment System, it is now possible for prison administrators to almost completely shut down illegal cellular communications.


In fact, one of the problems that Securus has faced so far is that the system is actually too effective. The company has been required to prove to the FCC that the system will not interfere with legitimate cellular traffic outside of the prison grounds where it is installed. While this proved to be a significant stumbling block early in the development of the system, today, the problems with unwanted interference in legitimate cellular traffic networks has largely been resolved.


Early trials of the system took place throughout 2016. It was concluded that prisons where the Wireless Containment System were deployed saw a drop of almost 100 percent in the number of illicit calls that were able to successfully connect to networks outside the prison. This marks a stunning victory in a fight that had previously lasted 20 years and was threatening to seriously undermine the effectiveness and security of the entire U.S. penal system.


So successful has the Wireless Containment System been that Securus is estimating that the system will soon be installed in nearly half of the nation’s prisons and jails. It is increasingly looking like the war against illegal cellphones is on the brink of being won by the good guys.


How to Use Southridge Capital for Financial Situations

When you have financial problems, it’s time to look at what you can do to rectify the situation. This is often a problem for a lot of people, so it is crucial that you hire professionals who are able to handle the issues you have. These issues might be related to debt problems or even credit score issues, but the key is for you to hire a professional service agency in order to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible. Once you make this decision, it is just a matter of finding the right company and knowing that you’ve chosen someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about what they can do for you. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Once you have realized the potential of hiring a professional financial solutions company, it is just a matter of finding one that works for you. This is why you need to consider Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is one of the leading financial solutions agencies in the world, and they are a wonderful asset to people who have debt and credit score problems that they just cannot handle on their own. Once you have realized just how beneficial it is for you to make use of Southridge Capital, it is just a matter of finding what you need done and having them begin the work for you.

There are a lot of people right now utilizing Southridge Capital and finding this company to be a great asset in their life. If this has been a problem for you, it is time for you to think about choosing Southridge Capital and seeing just how beneficial they can be for you. Once you decide to work with Southridge, it’s just a matter of figuring out what is wrong and how you want them to help you out. There are lots of people right now who are choosing Southridge Capital and finding it to be a great option for them. Once you have had debt problems, you know how important it is for you to get out of debt while using the services of a professional company like Southridge Capital. You can check out LinkedIn for more.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

He’s a few years younger and calls Dubai rather than the U.S. home. However, the comparisons between DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani and American Donald Trump are not without merit. Both are men who have made their mark, and both have done so largely within real estate development.


Hussain Sajwani got his first exposure to entrepreneurism early on. His father owned a shop that sold watches and a variety of other imported goods. The future DAMAC owner would follow in his father’s entrepreneurial spirit.


In the early 1980s, Hussain Sajwani started a catering company. This venture, now known as Global Logistics Services, proved quite successful.


In 2002, DAMAC was born. Hussain Sajwani created DAMAC at just the right moment in Dubai’s history as a governmental decree allowed for non-Emiratis to own property. The DAMAC owner saw this as a golden business opportunity.


Hussain Sajwani purchased some land, and this was the location of DAMAC’s first residential building. The 38-story building’s units were all sold within a few months. This was just the start of the success that DAMAC would see–success that has meant Hussain Sajwani having a net worth of approximately $3.8 billion.


DAMAC and Hussin Sajwani have been key in creating Dubai’s image. Part of this have been a couple of business deals with Donald Trump. In 2013, DAMAC and Trump teamed up to develop the Trump International Golf Course Dubai. A second golf course is in the works and is set to open at the end of 2018.


Like Trump, Hussain Sajwani also has family working in his business. Son Ali Sajwani serves as the General Manager of Operations at DAMAC, and he has been hailed as a future star of the Middle East.


With all of his success, Hussain Sajwani has also made a point of giving back to his community. DAMAC is noted for its philanthropic endeavors, including contributions to benefit refugees.

One Of The Most Sought Out CEOs In The Nation; Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is famous for the fact that he is one of the best paid chief executives in the United States while he tops the list of the annual rankings of Associated Press.

Petrello, who serves as both chief executive and chairman of Nabors Industries Limited took home an impressive $15,372,429 in the 2016 financial year alone. This amount was a combination of both the stock options he has in the company and his annual salary. Despite the fact that Petrello’s earnings are a true sign of the success of his company, it is also reflective of his grandiose achievements. Petrello has built Nabors industries from the ground up to become a beacon in the oil and gas industry which happens to be very competitive in the US.

Tony Petrello has come from very humble beginnings. He was born in Newark, New Jersey in a working-class family. He would later attend Yale University under student loans and scholarships. While at Yale, he excelled in maths which would eventually lead to both a bachelors and a master’s degree in the subject. Petrello later joined the prestigious Harvard University to pursue a degree in law. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1979 after which he joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he worked until 1991.

Petrello had risen through the ranks to become the Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie’s office in New York. One of the clients to the New York-based law firm, Nabors Industries, extended an employment opportunity to Tony Petrello in 1991. At Nabors. Petrello rose quickly to become the chief operating officer and president of the firm. He became Nabors industries Deputy Chairman in 2003 and assumed his current position of chief executive officer in 2011.

Nabors industries own the biggest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world. The company also provides both off-shore and land-based operations services around the globe. Both Petrello and his wife Cynthia have been successful corporate managers with a track record to bank on in the companies where they have worked. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Carena who was diagnosed with a neurological condition which had rendered her immobile and unable to eat. This challenge was so frustrating to the couple who had to depend on the expertise of healthcare professionals to treat their daughter.

Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist. He has established an annual price at Yale University with a personal endowment of $150, 000 which has other matching donations. The funding is set to remember a math professor, Serge Lang, who passed on in 2016.

Logan Stout Succeeds Long After Baseball Playing Days Are Over

When children are playing baseball with their friends, they frequently pretend to be the players they respect the most. Typically these are the players that hit the World Series-winning home run at one time during their career or pitched a no-hitter at a critical time in the season. Not often do you hear about a child wanting to be a player because he gives great speeches to business professionals. Maybe they should though, as success comes in many different ways.
Logan Stout might not have been the most successful baseball player or coach during his time in the major leagues, but he found something to build on. He took those small successes as a coach and a player and built on them to develop his leadership style. Just as much as he studied how to improve his batting stance, he studied how to lead other players.

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That has led him to leading youth today on the baseball field. He is the organizer of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. The organization runs camps teach kids how to succeed both on the field and off. Players learn lessons not only to improve their baseball skills, but their leadership skills as well. Those skills are then used even by former attendees of his camp that never see their careers reach major league status.
Logan Stout currently leads a national healthcare sales company called IDLife. He uses the skills that he learned while playing baseball and working with leadership experts such as John. C. Maxwell to make his business a success. Logan Stout gets others to find a level of confidence in themselves and emphasizes that sales are about the product and how much your audience believes in your product.
Even with all the success his Dallas Patriots organization has had, he realizes that only a select few will advance in professional baseball. Logan Stout seeks to teach confidence and communication skills for all he comes across. Luck is frequently defined as “when preparation meets opportunity. Mr. Stout aims to share his knowledge so others are prepared when that opportunity arrives.

Find more about Logan Stout: http://www.gcreport.com/logan-stouts-idlife-partners-garmin-enhance-idwellness-app-features/

Illegal Cell Phones Putting Officers at Risk Securus Technologies Working to Find Solutions

You might have heard stories about offices being shot by gang members on the street. But, it has often been seen that criminals locked inside the most secured prisons have also led to the death of many prison officers. Since there is always a chance of illegal things such as drugs and cell phones finding their way into the prison, it is clear that no one is safe. One person making an example out his experience is Robert Johnson. He worked as a corrections officer at a Florida high-security prison and was a model officer who worked in prison for over 15 years. He has always been dedicated towards his work and refused to take bribes from the criminals that eventually led to their arrest. He was part of the SERT team at the prison that conducted various raids inside the prison and prevented things from outside from being smuggled into the prison.


The gang members inside the prison never liked Robert Johnson for his no-nonsense attitude. While a few members used to help these criminals after being threatened or blackmailed, Robert never stoops to their demands. He led many confiscations of drugs and illegal contrabands for the criminal group. It was in 2011 when Robert was part of a massive raid where about $50,000 worth of heroin was confiscated. The drugs were hidden behind the bunk bed, and Robert acted on a tip that he received. The raid led to his praise among his colleagues and supervisors, but the gang members eventually came to know his name. He was attacked at home, and there were proofs that the attack was carried out by the criminals locked inside the prison who planned everything using contraband phones.


With the use of contraband phones inside the prison increasing, it is the prison technology companies like Securus Technologies that are trying to find ways to stop it. Securus Technologies has introduced Wireless Containment System in many prisons that are allowing them to block the use of illegal phones inside the prison. The technology is quite an advanced one and enables the prison officials to check all the calls that are being made from inside the prison. It helps them locate the cell phones in real time and prevent their usage. Robert, who lived the gruesome attack, works with Securus Technologies to help develop the technology further and ensure that none of his fellow officers face the same situation that he did.



Todd Lubar And His Journey Of Success

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Ventures and is known as a fairly successful human being and as a successful business in Maryland. During the course of this interview, he discusses much about his experience and what has contributed to his great success. The interview details how one of Todd’s most impressive skills in his arsenal is mortgage banking and how he owns several other companies in a variety of business worlds. Some of these include real estate developing, recycling, the nightclub industry, and much more. Wherever Todd sees the potential for greatness, he goes in that direction.

In the interview, Lubar talks about how he got started.

Here, he mentions that he worked in credit and financing for over two decades before he realized his passion for helping people improve their lives and fulfill their dreams. Primarily, he wanted to help people who found it difficult to get loans because of the obstacles in their way. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

Todd Lubar is based out of the Baltimore area.

Currently, he is both the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. and senior vice president at Legendary Investments. For several years, Todd Lubar has ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States.  For more details visit Crunchbase.

Lubar attended school at the prestigious Syracuse University in New York.

From there, he graduated in 1995 with a B.A. in speech communication. Before college, his high school years were spent at the Peddie School in New Jersey. In the past, he has worked for other companies such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Maryland Legacy Financial Group.

See more: https://www.yelp.com/biz/todd-lubar-dba-rockville

Sentient AI – A/B Testing

Sentient AI, or artificial intelligence, is continuing to grow in popularity with tech companies and businesses looking to boost their online presence. Using sentient AI for your business or the company you represent offers a variety of benefits that are ideal when breaking into a new market or seeking new ways to outperform your competition. Using sentient AI with A/B testing is one of the best methods of getting the most out of the AI’s capabilities itself.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing occurs when launching new advertisements online or on various social media platforms. When you are launching a campaign and want to promote it, using different images, messaging, and tone is often a popular method in A/B testing. By gathering data sets from multiple advertisements throughout one of your campaigns, learn more about the demographic you are reaching and the way your target audience prefers to be communicated with online. The more you know about consumers, the easier it is to share products and services that are in demand in the future.

Using Sentient AI With A/B Testing

Using sentient AI with A/B testing allows you to quickly collect, organize, store, and share the data you receive from various advertising and marketing campaigns you have live online. With the use of sentient AI, eliminate wasting time sorting and gathering information from each individual campaign on your own or with the use of additional work hours. Sentient AI helps to make the process of getting the information you need from potential customers as quickly as possible.

Sentient AI is highly recommended for those who are interested in understanding data about their customers or online visitors in order to promote the growth of their own brands online and off. Additionally, sentient AI is rapidly becoming essential for companies looking to stay ahead of competitors with email and other social media marketing campaigns. With the integration of sentient AI along with your marketing campaigns, stay ahead of competitors while getting a clear idea of the demand from your followers and loyal customers.

Putting sentient AI to use is a way for you to focus on other aspects of growing and expanding the business or brand you represent. By collecting a plethora of information in a short period of time, stay in-tune with your customers’ wants and needs from your business to ensure and guarantee their satisfaction at all times.

Read: http://technewsspy.com/2017/07/21/sentient-ascend-offers-powerful-ai-tools-for-faster-and-improved-ab-testing/